Intellectual Property Advisory

General Notice – Achtung Baby:

By reading this website, you agree to run around the room you are currently in, flapping your arms and squawking like a chicken. By linking to this article, recommending it, talking about it, or commenting on it, you agree to owe me one zillion dollars. Make it two zillions if you dare criticize it. By thinking about this article, you agree that all my opinions, stated or unstated, are correct. By disclosing any information whatsoever about this article, you agree to surrender to me your wife (respectively girlfriend, husband, inflatable doll, etc.), your firstborn child, and your eternal soul; I will get your earthly body to boot, if you use any word with the letter “M´´ while discussing my article. Failure to comply with this license will entail the thought police bursting into your home, seizing your assets, and throwing you into the jails of the ministry of love, where you will be reeducated into a joyfully law-abiding citizen. It will also entail your ultimately burning in hell — though that is probably going to happen, anyway.

Stolen with pride from Mr. Francois Rene Rideau, whom I have no fear of because he’s over in France (at least I hope) and can’t touch me here.

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