I’m Richard Cameron.  What is this and what am I doing?  The reason for this site – primarily is that there are moments in the day when my brain fires synapses that lend themselves to pithy epiphanies that cannot sustain the type of full blown commentaries that I’m prone to contriving on my companion site – Blasted Fools. Quick hits, targeting evil, scheming, manipulative, just plain horrible, stupid, inhumane and clueless people and the results of their sordid deeds.  It’s a politically incorrect free zone.  It is also rated Mature. Other times I just stumble across stuff that I think would interest and amuse you.

Although this site leans Conservative (PaleoConservative / “Conservatarian”), If you’re expecting the standard “Patriot / Tea Party / Jingoistic” echo site, this isn’t it. There’s copious amounts of that on Facebook and on the net. I have nothing to add to any of that – and I have to be honest that 95 percent of it is hackneyed and stale.

But Filthy Bilge Rats will also be a catch all.  No one can live on a steady diet of Bilge Rats – not even me.  I will also be adding random things to the posts that are not necessarily nasty at all.  They may just be things that fascinate me that I think will be a “Mental Martini” for you and stuff I’m up to and into.

If you like “off the beaten path” this will be your cup of Malort.


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