Filthy Bilge Rats Tuesday Late PM 10-27-15

Jim DeMint photo jim-demint_zps7tpdn47x.jpg
This is an update on the report  that Heritage Foundation’s President, former Senator Jim DeMint, told the members of the Freedom Caucus they should elect Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as the next Speaker of the House.

In my conversations with a friend who is one of the regional directors of’s Heritage Action for America Sentinel program, there was a miscommunication and misunderstanding that led to Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) to tell One America News Network that De Mint was making personal calls to members of the Freedom Caucus. These were Gohmert’s original comments:

“I was really surprised that the head of the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint was making calls telling conservatives to back off their conservatism and back the guy for Speaker that doesn’t just have a D, he has an F under the Conservative Review analysis,” Gohmert said.

I, myself was surprised upon hearing it.  What I know about Jim DeMint, definitely does not lead me to associate the two individuals (him and Ryan), in the same frame of reference.

My sources tell me two things. One – no such calls were made, and Two – Heritage, as a matter of long standing policy, does NOT endorse candidates in a House Speaker race or any other such post in Congress. And Mr. DeMint himself, in an interview with Time Magazine’s Alex Rodgers, said this very thing back in 2014 – “Heritage is not involved in elections and doesn’t endorse candidates”.

The reason, in the main, is that if that individual’s actual performance of their duties is unsatisfactory and / or goes contrary to the policy positions sponsored by Heritage, then the organization’s credibility and effectiveness are subject to question as a consequence. Heritage promotes and advocates legislation, not individual lawmakers.

I’m told that the other reason the organization doesn’t involve itself in the internal maneuverings of this process of selecting leadership is that it hampers their ability to reach out to all House members as they do on an ongoing basis. If they step on the wrong toes – we’ll, we all know Elephant’s have a long memory. Makes sense. And Matt Schuck of OANN, posted this story update:

After this story was posted, The Heritage Foundation spokesman Wesley Denton sent OANN the following statement: “Jim DeMint has not endorsed in the Speaker’s race nor made calls in support of any candidate. He talks to members to encourage them to stay in the fight to advance our principles.”

Incidentally, this is not the first time that claims have been made that DeMint has made an endorsement that he has had to issue a clarification on. DeMint , while still in the Senate, was said to have publicly endorsed Mitt Romney in the last month, but issued a strong denial through Wesley Denton, who was with DeMint’s staff in the Senate also.

Hey everyone – tonight is the last opportunity for any and all of you that are so inclined, to let your member of Congress know that you don’t approve of the election of Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. The vote is tomorrow.

The word that I am hearing is that it is fait accompli. If that is the case, then why am I letting my Congressman know I’m against it and why should you? Because, even if we can’t derail the Ryan speakership – we can put him and the House GOP on notice. Things had better change or someone could get “Boehnered” again.

This is for you that have a Twitter account, but the list has FB links as well. The call to action and the engine supporting your Twitter and FB shoutout to House GOP members is hosted by NumbersUSA – the leading, grass roots, volunteer based advocacy group resisting amnesty, increased levels of legal immigration and foreign worker visas and Open Borders. The page is Super simple – 1 click does the trick:


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