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these look cute compared to the real ones – the ones we cover here at Filthy Bilge Rats.

Welcome to the inaugural post of “Filthy Bilge Rats”.  First of all, I apologize for the redundancy inherent in the name.  It so happened that someone got to “Bilge Rats” before I did and I didn’t want to create any confusion in the search results.  So, I know it is obvious that bilge rats are filthy by definition.  But then again, I guess you could say that the ones we shine the lights on here are just a tad filthier than the regular garden variety.

What is this and what am I doing?  The reason for this site – primarily is that there are moments in the day when my brain fires synapses that lend themselves to pithy epiphanies that cannot sustain the type of full blown commentaries that I’m prone to contriving. Quick hits, targeting evil, scheming, manipulative, just plain horrible, stupid, inhumane and clueless people and the results of their sordid deeds.  It’s a politically incorrect free zone.  It is also rated Mature. Other times I just stumble across stuff that I think would interest and amuse you.

Although this site leans Conservative (PaleoConservative / “Conservatarian”), If you’re expecting the standard “Patriot / Tea Party / Jingoistic” echo site, this isn’t it. There’s copious amounts of that on Facebook and on the net. I have nothing to add to any of that – and I have to be honest that 95 percent of it is hackneyed and stale.

But Filthy Bilge Rats will also be a catch all.  No one can live on a steady diet of Bilge Rats – not even me.  I will also be adding random things to the posts that are not necessarily nasty at all.  They may just be things that fascinate me that I think will be a “Mental Martini” for you and stuff I’m up to and into.  If you like “off the beaten path” this will be your cup of Malort.

Time to get started with some weird news items that give you a basic idea of what you’ll find most every day on Filthy Bilge Rats…

The Political Racket:  Kentucky’s government ethics law bars gifts from lobbyists to legislators, but state Sen. John Schickel filed a federal lawsuit in September claiming that he has a constitutional (First Amendment) right to receive them. (The laws were passed after the FBI found several Kentucky politicians selling their votes.)

Your Tax Dollars Well Spent:  And in May, officials of the American Gaming (gambling) Association and the Association of Club Executives complained to the Pentagon that a threatened prohibition of the use of government credit cards at casinos and strip clubs violated card users’ constitutional rights, in that protected activities (such as business strategy meetings) take place at those venues. [TheIntercept.com, 9-24-2015] [Government Executive, 5-21-2015]

Florida Justice: Orville “Lee” Wollard, now 60, was convicted of aggravated assault in 2008 after he fired one “warning shot” into a wall of his home during an argument with his daughter’s boyfriend. Believing his shot defused a dangerous situation (the boyfriend had once angrily ripped sutures from Wollard’s stomach), Wollard had declined a plea offer of probation and gone to trial, where he lost and faced a law written with a 20-year minimum sentence. Florida has since amended the law to give judges discretion about the crime and the sentence, but Gov. Rick Scott and the state’s clemency board have refused to help Wollard, who must serve 13 more years for a crime he perhaps would not even be charged with today. [Miami Herald, 9-30-2015]

Oh – here’s one particularly appropriate to the theme of this blog …

Scientists have somehow determined that rats dream about where they want to go in the future. Dr. Hugo Spiers of University College London (and colleagues) inferred as much in a recent eLife article based on how neurons in the rodent brain’s Hippocampus fire up in certain patterns. They discovered similar patterns when a rat is asleep just before conquering a food “maze” as when he awakens and actually gets to the food (as if it plotted by dream). (Buried Lede: Rats have dreams.) [New Scientist, 6-26-2015]

People With Issues!

Miami-Dade (Florida) police arrested Eddy Juan, 52, two weeks after someone matching his description was reported at a library at Florida International University, crawling under tables and sniffing women’s feet. He was charged with violating a previous sex-offender registration order.

Where have all the abusing priests gone?  To Choir Boy Disneyland evidently …

A year-long investigation by GlobalPost revealed in September that at least five U.S. or European Catholic priests disciplined for sex abuse have surfaced in South America, ministering unstigmatized in impoverished parishes. In Paraguay, Ecuador and Peru (all with softer law enforcement and media scrutiny than in the U.S., and where priests enjoy greater respect), dioceses have accepted notorious priests from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Minneapolis and Jackson, Mississippi, and Catholic facilities in Brazil and Colombia now employ shamed sex-abusers from Belgium and San Antonio, Texas. (The Belgian priest had been allowed to start an orphanage for street kids.) GlobalPost claims the Vatican declined “repeated” phone calls for comment. [GlobalPost via USA Today, 9-17- 2015]


That’s it for our first edition.  More new and stimulating tomorrow guaranteed or a full return of your subscription – RC



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