Filthy Bilge Rats Tuesday Eve 10-20-2015

 photo attack on white homeless woman_zpsa0spvpdh.jpg

A still image of a video showing a homeless woman about to be targeted as a racial victim of the infamous “knockout game”. Story in second column.

Democrats reaping the Racial Identity Politics Whirlwind – (From the Los Angeles Times):

Los Angeles Mayor Democrat, Eric Garcetti faced throngs of hostile protesters at a community meeting Monday night as chaos descended on a gathering that had been intended as a forum for him to improve his fraught relationship with the black communities of South L.A.

The meeting at Holman United Methodist Church, attended by several hundred, was quickly overtaken by about 50 protesters from organizations including the national activist group Black Lives Matter, which was formed in the wake of high-profile police killings of young black men. As Garcetti spoke to a full house in the church’s cavernous sanctuary hall, the demonstrators stood and turned their backs to him.

Toward the end of the hourlong session Garcetti, ringed by police officers, struggled to reach his car as he was swarmed by a crowd of chanting activists — and once inside the vehicle, he was forced to wait amid blaring sirens until the crowd was dispersed by the LAPD.

“The mayor has neglected, disrespected and abused the black community for far too long,” Melina Abdullah, a professor of Pan African Studies at Cal State L.A. and organizer for Black Lives Matter, said at the meeting. “We are here today because this is real for us. This is not a political game. This is not about your reelection. This is about our lives.”

Editor’s Note to Democrats – hope you are enjoying the bed you made, because you own it. No putting the “Racism” Genie back in the bottle once it is out.

White Lives Don’t Matter:

Our next story illustrates a topic that underlines the reality of black crimes targeting white victims; crimes that are obviously racially motivated, but that municipal authorities around the country refuse to categorize as such. White lives don’t matter.  It’s an ongoing narrative that I have written numerous reports on in the last 3 years:

“Ibn” Hunter, a 25 year old violent convicted felon with a long rap sheet, attacked a 45 year old homeless woman in Atlantic City’s Brown’s Park this weekend. While an accomplice shot a video of the attack, Ibn bantered with the as yet unknown individual, while terrorizing the victim. standing in front of the 45-year-old victim asking her, “I ain’t gonna do what? I ain’t gonna grab you? I ain’t gonna do what?” A voice off camera chimes in: “She said you ain’t gonna smack her, dog.”

Hunter (aptly named although in the most spineless and chicken hearted sense), then stares into the camera, draws his right fist back, and hits the unidentified, seated woman with a haymaker to her face. “Bing!” the cameraman yells as the woman falls backward onto the pavement, unconscious. “It’s over,” he continues, laughing along with the attacker -as if Hunter’s cowardly battery of the woman was some kind of achievement. Hunter then looks into the camera and defiantly says: “This (expletive) got (expletive) up saying I’m not going to smack her.”

The cameraman then zooms in on the victim lying on the ground as a large bruise starts forming over her right eye. “So any of you (expletives) talking that stupid shit is getting smacked and knocked the (expletive) out like that,” Hunter said. “I ain’t playing.”

Hunter was arrested and is being charged with aggravated assault and was remanded to jail by the arraigning judge, in lieu of $100,000 bail. Hunter has several previous convictions for drugs and theft, his first one at the age of 16 for cocaine possession. He also has five adult convictions for burglary, robbery and drug possession.

Authorities are on the hunt for the dirtbag that recorded the attack on a phone video and posted it on Facebook. And speaking of cowardly dirtbags, the photo stills from the video show that there were numerous onlookers who hadn’t the least impulse to come to the woman’s aide. The victim is in critical condition in a Philadelphia hospital.

Tomorrow morning, we look at – among other things, the GOP party establishment undressed. It is not a pretty site. But you didn’t come here for pretty, did you. See you Wednesday morning.

– Richard Cameron


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